GreenShape supports the unique needs of each client. Working in tandem with your leadership, we help you successfully achieve your sustainability goals.

To each project, we bring:

  • Whole-Systems Perspective — We employ a participatory, holistic approach which acknowledges the inter-connectedness of the natural, built and human environments. GreenShape helps clients manage dynamic relationships between various systems within a building or organization and guides the integration of these systems for optimal effectiveness.
  • Creativity and Pragmatism — GreenShape helps our clients develop solutions that protect building owners and occupants from rising costs by investing in efficiency and durability. We address the life cycle implications of materials and systems that could be employed and help our clients evaluate potential Return on Investment and other benefits of their sustainability choices.
  • Participatory Process — We engage project and community stakeholders in dialogue to identifying solutions to common and uncommon challenges while following basic principles of place-based design, which honors the local climate, natural systems, and cultural influences. GreenShape applies our proven process to help our projects define sustainability goals and implementation strategies and to stay on track toward successful completion. Working in tandem with project leadership, we develop work plans that account for project milestones and the realities of busy professionals. GreenShape manages and track the team’s progression throughout the project through assignment of action items and group and individual follow-up.