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  • Sweata Pradhan

LEED Platinum for the First Building at Capitol Crossing

200 Massachusetts Avenue became the first of five buildings within the Capitol Crossing development in Washington DC, to achieve LEED Platinum certification. GreenShape is serving as the Sustainability Consultant for this multi-phase, master planned development which aims to not only achieve LEED Platinum for all its buildings but actually go 'beyond LEED'.

The buildings within Capitol Crossing work as part of a system, and 200 Mass Ave is no exception. Recognizing this important fact, the 'mastersite' approach was used for LEED certification. Credits related to common site features such as stormwater management, and shared infrastructure such as parking were documented at the mastersite level so that all buildings within Capitol Crossing could claim these credits. These credits do not need to be documented again individually at the project level, saving the team time and effort.

200 Mass Ave is a 12-story building that will house office and retail spaces. A high-efficiency building envelope, advanced energy recovery devices, water conserving plumbing fixtures, waste water reuse systems, indoor air quality controls and an expansive green roof all contributed to this high performance LEED Platinum building.

The complex nature of Capitol Crossing--part of which is being built on a platform over an existing highway--extended beyond the design and construction and into the LEED Certification process, as well. GreenShape worked closely with the large and varied project team, and with USGBC representatives to ensure that the project's certification goals were met.

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