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15.2% Higher Rent


-The average rent premium LEED multifamily buildings in DC were able to charge compared to similar non-LEED buildings in 2018.

GreenShape managed the LEED certification of 7 of the buildings analyzed in a study on the effects of LEED buildings in DC.

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Global Sustainability Services

GreenShape is a recognized leader, providing comprehensive LEED consulting, sustainable design consulting, sustainability planning and analysis, energy commissioning and modeling, and certification management services.  Since 2004, our woman-owned small business has provided “Best in Business” expertise to the real estate development community, design and construction trades, government organizations and multi-national corporations in the Washington DC metropolitan area and around the globe. 

Green Building

Certification Management

GreenShape manages the green building certification process from start to finish. We help our clients develop certification strategies and successfully implement and document their green building performance. Supported rating systems include:

  • ARC
  • BREEAM in-use USA
  • Enterprise Green Communities
  • Green Globes
  • LEED Suite (NC, EBOM, CI, etc.)
  • Park Smart
  • Sustainable Sites Initiative
  • WELL
  • Zero Energy
  • Zero Waste

Energy Modeling

GreenShape provides energy modeling as an integral part of our green building projects. When used as a design tool, the energy model aids the design team in optimizing energy performance. As part of an M&V plan, the model is calibrated to actual performance and becomes a tool to support sustainable building management.

Building Commissioning

Our experienced Commissioning Agents conduct enhanced commissioning reviews (during design and at the end of the warranty period) and fundamental commissioning (during construction) to help to ensure that building systems deliver optimal performance.

Sustainable Design Analyses

GreenShape conducts a range of analyses for the design team as part of the sustainable design process. These analyses can include solar exposure analysis, shading design, window optimization and daylight analyses as required. GreenShape provides recommendations to inform the design process based on these analyses.

Measurement & Verification

The Measurement & Verificaiton Plan is intended to help guide and summarize the design team's strategy for realized energy savings after the building is in operation. GreenShape will assist the owner in developing an M&V plan with recommendations for monitoring equipment to be installed (if needed), structuring of the to implement the buiilding energy network, and steps and procedures for the owner. Execution will document the realized energy savings o the design with actual operating characteristics.

Existing Building Energy Audits

GreenShape will visit your building to assess mechanical, lighting, plumbing and any other active building systems. Envelope analysis can also be conducted. This information enables our clients to make informed decisions about how to best maintain our upgrade their existing building stock.

Corporate Sustainability 

Sustainable Return on Investment

Incorporate triple bottom line impacts into your decision-making process. Beyond simple payback, a GreenShape Sustainable Return-on-Investment analysis enables our clients to evaluate the value of environmental and social impacts of specific building design approaches. This allows the broader impacts of to be considered as they relate to organizational or municipal goals.

Portfolio Managment

GreenShape streamlines the sustainability management process across your real estate portfolio. Assets are designed and operated for optimal efficiency, reducing expenditures and mitigating risk for your company.

Strategic Sustainability Planning

GreenShape helps you evaluate your sustainability goals relative to corporate values and operational priorities. Together we’ll develop a sustainability management plan which supports your mission, provides results and enhances your CSR reporting.

Remote Building Performance Monitoring

Once we’ve set up your building’s M&V plan, monitoring your building’s performance for any changes in systems performance is simple. This is helpful for clients who only have a few buildings lack the resources with expertise to monitor building performance data as well as for clients with large portfolios seeking a streamlined, centralized monitoring system.

Environmental Impact

About GreenShape

GreenShape manages every detail of the sustainability planning and implementation process to ensure that the highest standards of performance are achieved.  We pride ourselves in our friendly, efficient, and proactive customer service.  Our comprehensive, best-value sustainability packages include all you’ll need to successfully achieve your goals. GreenShape takes care of sustainability so you can save your energy for what you do best.

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